Our Nostalgic Summer Playlist



We’ve been working hard this summer and pulling out all the stops to try and stay cool. Naturally, that includes concocting the best playlists possible to listen to on these languid L.A. days…

If you drop into the store, you’ll typically find yourself being helped by either Katherine -the owner and a genuine new wave punk- or Allison -her nostalgic, soft-goth sales associate. Here’s the playlist we’ve been leaning on lately.

1. Kiss Them For Me- Siouxsie and the Banshees. Because Siouxsie is queen, and Budgie was a babe.

2. Lazy Calm- Cocteau Twins. This one usually comes on during our mid-day hypnotic nap time.

3. Think About It-Stevie Nicks. This has been Allison’s favorite song for a while, especially the line “...Your fortune is your life’s love.” Very zen.

4. Your Silent Face- New Order. New Order keeps us boppin’ when it’s 90 degrees and we are starting to wilt.

5. I’m On My Way- Christine McVie. Because Christine McVie!

6. This Woman’s Work- Kate Bush. Technically, we are women at work, but this song about women building -and then looking back at- their lives is very moving to us.

7. Walking On Broken Glass- Annie Lennox. Annie Lennox serves real style inspiration, has an insanely huge and powerful vocal range, and courted both Hugh Laurie and John Malkovitch in this music video. #goals.

8. Hijo de La Luna- Mecano. Mecano was a cool Spanish pop band from the ‘80’s, and this is a very beautiful song based on a folktale of Romani tradition. The music video is something of a masterpiece of cheesery.

9. The Host of Seraphim- Dead Can Dance. When it’s late July and we begin questioning our will to survive the Cursed Heat, we eventually put on this creepy ghost chant.

10. Word On a Wing- David Bowie. This song is off of Station to Station, and we think it’s one of DB’s best records. The rumors surrounding its creation are also pretty juicy, should you choose to google it.