Hand Analysis: "Learning Your Life Purpose Through Your Fingerprints" with Lynn Jordan

On October 30th, we welcomed Lynn Jordan to Social Study, to host a workshop on hand analysis. It was fascinating and inspiring to get a glimpse of our higher purposes and dispositions in a new way! 

We gained knowledge about the traits associated with our lines and fingerprints, and Lynn encouraged us to consider the larger themes and passions in our lives.



Here is a brief bio on Lynn Jordan. We are so grateful to have her as a part of our community!

"Lynn Jordan (www.YourLifeIsInYourHands.com) started reading hands in 2001, when she completed the year-long course at the International Institute of Hand Analysis.  After that, she continued with three years of advanced study.  She rounded out her education with two years of post graduate work.  Currently, she applies these skill sets to the program she created to help people step into their dream work, Create Your Career from the Inside out (www.CreateInsideOut.com) - where she has a 90% success rate with her clients."


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